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The DC15 is a 4.70 meter dinghy, designed by Kees van de Stadt / Satellite Yacht Design and guarantees the ultimate sailing for men and women.

The flared topsides gives the DC15 reserve buoyancy and brings the crew weight outside. The DC15 will be sailed by two persons. The maximium crew weight according the class rules is 130 kg. A trapeze  brings the weight of the mastman outside.

The lightweight hull has a sandwich construction of a glass / polyester laminate and a hightech foam core. By using a modern vacuum method in a mould, the entire construction process is controlled.

The DC15 has standard a carbon mast to keep the weight and center of gravity as low as possible. The high stiffness of the mast, makes it easy to trim the rig. The mast is sealed to reduce the tendency for the boat to invert when capsized. The mainsail and jib are built from ultra light and high visibility pentex laminate. The asymetric spinnaker is designed with a relative short foot to minimise the sheet loads and has a high clew to aid visibility.

By minimising the weight, the DC15 can reach remarkable speeds.